The Central Maryland Repeater Group consists of 5 UHF repeaters linked together to provide coverage to a majority of the State of Maryland.

It also provides coverage to Washington, D.C., Northern Va. and South Central Pa.

The system has been used for ARES & RACES drills.


Please Read CMRG Repeater Usage Guidelines


Equipment and insurance are a big part of the cost of maintaining the

CMRG repeater system. Please consider contributing if you can.

Feel free to use Paypal to N3ST@N3ST.net. Thank you!


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Laurel                444.7000 +         CTCSS  167.9 hz        Callsign WA3GPC

Suitland              448.9250 -                        167.9 hz                       N3ST

Frederick           444.1000 +                       167.9 hz                       N3ST

Baltimore           449.6750 -                        167.9 hz                       N3ST

Aquasco             447.0750 -                        167.9 hz                       N3ARN

DO NOT set your radio for CTCSS decode.

Our repeaters do not always transmit a CTCSS tone.

C.M.R.G. Repeater System

Laurel   444.7000

Combined Repeater Coverage — Best Server

Suitland   448.9250

Baltimore   449.6750

Frederick   444.1000

Aquasco   447.0750

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Link Paths of CMRG Repeaters